Welcome to Langeland

Upon arrival you will receive a key.
Upon departure, please leave keys in the room.

Smoking is not allowed.
If violating the smoking rule, you will be asked to leave without refund.

You can drink from the tap water
It is clean

The house is for sleeping guests!
Therefore, please avoid noise and show respect to the other guests and neighbors.

Be quick in the bathroom
Queue cannot be completely avoided, but show respect and be quick, especially during peak hours.
Do not leave your towel in the bathroom.

Name: “Skovly”, Code: “Langeland”

Please be aware of our environment
Save water and energy. Turn off the TV and always switch off the light when you leave a room.


Link: Lohals Kro

Link: Lohals Habour

Link: “Banjen” at Lohals Habour
Sailing Club Room, Meeting Room and Banquet Hall with all facilities

Watch Dragon ball super